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Our next event is on the 5th of October...

Heres some teaser videos of our special guest Annah Stretton...

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The Summer Holidays

Well, Its now Summer and its time to start thinking about another event. Due to the unpresidented demand for the next event we have been working hard on details for the upcoming NZ Business Womens Network Meeting - more details coming soon...

We are waiting deliberately for the School Holidays to finish as many of us are away in various dates during this time it seems only appropriate to book a date in early September. While that may seem a million miles away we will be holding events leading into Christmas regularly and bookings will be made weeks in advance to secure places

Our First Networking Event

Kia Ora,

New Zealand Business Womens Network MeetingThe launch of the NZ Business Women’s Network last week was an amazing success on many counts and a big thanks for all the positive feedback. Also thanks to all of you who were able to battle the traffic and tube strikes to make it. We still had over 50 Kiwi women to the evening which was just fantastic. A big thank you to those that sent out personal invitations to your contacts, it shows the power of NZ women to make something happen!

We thought we would send out a brief summary of the evening for those who didn’t attend to get a taste of what happened and a refresher for those who participated. The intention of the New Zealand Business Womens Network is to hold an event every two months at various London locations which will allow us to learn, network and connect.


Written by Bronwen Horton.

UKs' New Zealand Business Womens Network is a group of influential and motivated women working and running their own businesses in the UK.

The group meets once every two months for networking, targeted business education and hosting New Zealand Guest Speakers.

If you are a New Zealand woman living in London and either a) A business owner or b) working in the corporate world please feel free to contact us for more information.

For more information please read our About Us page.

New Zealand Business Womens Network

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