19 Sep - Game Changers 125

Screen Shot 2018 08 20 at 10.33.55 PMJoin us for an exciting evening celebrating the 125th anniversary of the women of New Zealand winning the right to vote, with New Zealand's game changes past, present and button1

Tickets are limited and in order to keep the conversation as open as possible, this event is open to both men and women. Your ticket includes entry to the event, canapés and 2 glasses of wine.

21 Oct - Business Book Brunch

51tNrvWZ00L. SY344 BO1204203200 Authentic Happiness
By Dr Martin Seligman

In this important, entertaining book, one of the world's most celebrated psychologists, Martin Seligman, asserts that happiness can be learned and cultivated, and that everyone has the power to inject real joy into their lives.

book button1In Authentic Happiness, he describes the 24 strengths and virtues unique to the human psyche. Each of us, it seems, has at least five of these attributes, and can build on them to identify and develop to our maximum potential. By incorporating these strengths - which include kindness, originality, humour, optimism, curiosity, enthusiasm and generosity - into our everyday lives, he tells us, we can reach new levels of optimism, happiness and productivity.

Authentic Happiness provides a variety of tests and unique assessment tools to enable readers to discover and deploy those strengths at work, in love and in raising children. By accessing the very best in ourselves, we can improve the world around us and achieve new and lasting levels of authentic contentment and joy. Amazon


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