The NZBWN peer mentoring programme enables network members to get started on their own individual journeys to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realise their aspirations as well as helping support others on their journeys.

Applications are now closed for the current round

Applications have closed for our mentoring groups that will run May to July 2021.  You can see the two brilliant programmes and our amazing mentors running the groups below.  If you are interested in participating in a future mentoring group or being a mentor for a group, please complete the expression of interest form.  We use the information gathered in the expression of interest form to help develop the programme to what you are most interested in doing.  We also use this to contact you when applications are opening so that you can be first to apply.   

Coming up later this year ....

Kiwiroa Marshall

Money Mindset with Kiwiroa Marshall:
following on from Kiwiroa’s popular masterclass, Learn How to Diversify your Income Streams, Kiwiroa will be leading a peer mentoring group to help you master your money mindset.  See more about Kiwiroa in Our Stories: Kiwiroa Marshall.


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Current Group: Skills for Career Success in 2021 

The skills for career success group is a mentoring programme that will help you understand your core values, strengths, personal brand and your career plan, and build on your self confidence and resilience to set you up for career success.  

Over six 2 hour sessions you will work with your mentor and the group to help you get clarity on where you are in your career and your career strategy going forward.  

Group running May to July 2021.

Your mentor: Jan Kirkpatrick

A founder member of the NZBWN, Jan is a career coach, following a career spanning recruitment, consulting and IT, having worked at Diageo, BP and EY and set up and run her recruitment business for ten + years. Having completed an advanced diploma and accredited in cognitive behavioural coaching, currently studying positive psychology, Jan coaches people and organisations where performance, sustainable and successful careers are on the agenda. She coaches for career development and role transition, performance improvement, stress management, health and wellbeing

Current Group: Career Self Care - from bleh to positive and confident 

We all hit points in our career when we feel a bit bleh and uninspired. Like our mojo has gone and we’re now sure how to get it back. It’s easy to feel trapped when you might not be in a position to leave your role or maybe you’re in the perfect organisation, it’s just that you’ve lost sight of your purpose and meaning.

Over 8 lunchtime sessions you will work with your mentor and 5 other women in a fun, supportive and challenging environment. Collectively we will help each other explore the feeling of bleh, how it’s holding you back and work on small steps that will help you emerge feeling confident and positive.

Your mentor Jude, will be working with the themes and challenges of the group as they emerge so there are no set exercises you will be working on although she will make suggestions. Sessions 2-7 will focus on 3 women, so you will get 3 opportunities to specifically focus on your bleh. You will all get space in session 1 and 8 and the rest of the time you’ll be helping the others in the group.

Group running May to July 2021.

Your mentor: Jude Sclater 

Most people already have everything they need to thrive in their jobs, achieve their goals, and improve their performance – they just don’t know how to access it yet. Jude’s role is to create an environment where people can change the conversations they’re having with themselves and the people around them.

 When Jude works with people who feel stuck, frustrated, and resigned, it’s incredible to see how much can change through a single conversation. They begin to see things differently. They understand how much influence they have. They gain confidence. And the knock-on effects are huge – increased self-awareness to better interactions with others.

 Jude combines an antipodean attitude with over a decade of experience living and working in the UK. After nine years coaching internally at Deloitte here in London, I set out as an independent coach in 2019 with a mission to help individuals and teams thrive.

We have asked our previous mentees what they want to tell others about the mentoring programme, here’s just some of what they are saying….

“Do it, do it, do it!!! It gives a great way to learn and to support each other.” 

“That it was the group that supported me to finally get the promotion I was looking for

it was great and extremely valuable”

“It is a great idea if you are stuck and unsure of your next move. It helps you think about your career in a new way”

“It was a really good opportunity to set aside time to think about my development and what I'm looking to achieve in my job/life.“

“They are very worthwhile, I will definitely do more”

“This is the best thing you can do for your personal development and your confidence this year.”

“A wonderful opportunity to learn and grow collectively with like minded women about a hugely important topic for both your professional and personal development.”

“Don't hesitate!”

“You won't regret it.”

Any queries, please contact the NZBWN mentoring team