Our Stories: Teresa Mitrovic

Written by Sophie Bevin.

teresa ourstoriesTeresa’s passion for balancing high performance with quality of life was the inspiration behind launching her business, TM&Co Ltd. Through TM&Co, Teresa has coached individuals and teams within SMEs and high profile organisations.

In 2015, Teresa partnered with us to share some of that passion with NZBWN’s ‘Clarity Around Your Career Change’ mentoring group. She enjoyed working with fellow Kiwis; women she could connect with in a special way through a shared background. The opportunity to give back and to work with women who were committed to making the very best of the experience, is why she encourages other Mentors to take the plunge. “The diversity of background and the breadth of talent in our mentee group was incredible! It was a joy to be part of and is an experience I will always treasure”.

It was in NZ that the seeds of learning and development were planted. The skills she had learned on a management coaching course resulted in changes within the business which enabled her team to increase productivity, and consequently profit, by 300% in one year. Those foundations shaped her own work/life balance, and that of her team - ultimately transforming the team culture. It was this transformation that was the eureka moment for Teresa, leading to a business, and career, in professional development and coaching.

A move to the UK with her English husband, gave her the opportunity to retrain, leave the corporate world behind and launch her business. Six years after moving to London, they are now contemplating a move back to New Zealand where they will rejoin her family, continue to grow TM&Co Ltd and establish two brand new business ventures.