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Written by Bronwen Horton.

Launched at our International Women’s Day event 10 March 2020 

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The New Zealand Business Women’s Network and Halo Financial partnership for international money transfers. 

Halo Financial is proud to launch their partnership with NZBWN, and is committed to helping the wonderful women of the NZBWN achieve the best 

Halo Financial can help you achieve the best exchange rate at the right rates when transferring money internationally, both personally and for business.

- No fees

- fantastic exchange rates

- award winning outstanding service

- a range of currency transfer solutions (such as…forward contracts, regular currency transfers, stop loss and more)

- safe and secure (FCA authorised)

- your own dedicated currency specialist

The GBP/NZD recently hit its highest rate for over 4 years, so it is a good time to move money back to New Zealand.


Halo can help with most currency requirements

There are many reasons why you may be looking to send money back to New Zealand. 

This could be for a house purchase, mortgage payments, student loan payments, a holiday or general expenses. You may also have worldwide currency requirements or you may be looking to move money from New Zealand to the UK. 

Halo can also assist businesses with International Currency transfers for those who do business or have international payment requirements in numerous countries. 

Geraldine Collett, Business Development Manager

Introducing Geraldine Collett, founding member of NZBWN who contributed at inception to our network. Geraldine worked with our Founder Bronwen Horton at ANZ London when the idea of the Network was developed and launched. Both Bronwen and Geraldine have worked with Halo for over a decade.

Geraldine moved to the UK in 1995 and is originally from Auckland, New Zealand. Geraldine has spent over 25 years in the Migration, Expat and Relocation sector, in Business Development and Partnership roles. After spending 12 years at Immigration New Zealand at NZ House in London, she worked in Migrant Banking for ANZ, followed by Westpac London. With a passion for building collaborative, long lasting relationships, Geraldine has built a wide network over the years and worked mostly within the Financial Services space specialising in the Migration, Expat and Relocation sector. She joined Halo Financial officially in May 2019. However, she has proudly worked alongside Halo as a Business Partner for over a decade in other roles.

+44 (0) 20 7350 5493

Talk to Geraldine your local kiwi contact at Halo, who will be delighted to assist. Alternatively see our “Services” page at

Geraldine: “It is with great pleasure we are able to support International Women’s Day and launch our partnership with the New Zealand Business Women’s Network. We are thrilled to be able to help fellow Kiwis with their currency needs.”

Bronwen: “It’s wonderful to be able to add Geraldine and the team at Halo to the services we can offer our women especially given the great kiwi customer service and great exchange rates they offer their clients as well as creating a win, win for all, Kiwis helping Kiwis.”


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