New Traversing Change Mentoring Group

Written by NZBWN Mentoring Group.

Traversing a Major Change with Claire Sewell

Applications are now open for a brand new expert-led mentoring group focussed on getting your career and how you can remain relevant in the marketplace, starting in September 2017.

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There are times in life where we want a change, whether it be within our career, business, lifestyle or location, but we're not quite sure where to start and can find it hard to turn this idea into a reality.

Over 6 sessions you will work with the members of your group and your mentor to dig into the ‘why’ of the change, address any limiting beliefs to develop a commitment to the change, and turn this change into inspirational and manageable chunks. The discussions will be guided by the mentor and where group members are in their journey and you will get support and advice from your mentor and fellow mentees to help you.

Dates:  Six fortnightly sessions starting on Tuesday 5th September 2017.  You must be able to attend all of the following eight dates: 5th September, 19th September, 3rd October, 17th October, 31st October, 14th November. Two back-up dates will be tagged onto the end of the course in case an earlier session doesn’t go ahead - 28th November, 12th December

Times:  6:30 - 8:30pm

Location:  Central London (venue TBC)

Mentor:  Claire Sewell

With over 15 years in the corporate world in sales and business development, Claire has spent 10 years leading sales teams, mainly in the media and entertainment industries. She has a keen ability to connect on a deep level with people, understand their fears, challenges and concerns and point them in a more powerful and constructive direction. Passionate about supporting others to uncover their greatness, Claire left the corporate world in 2015 to set-up her own business ‘SwellCoach’.  

Working with Claire leaves people with less on their minds. Through understanding the inside-out nature of the human mind, and the practical implications for all aspects of our lives, Claire's clients gain insights leading to genuine transformation in the areas of performance, creativity, leadership and much more.

To find out how you can apply for our mentoring group, please visit this page here

Celebrating Our 8th Birthday In Style

Written by Toni Fyvie.

FullSizeRender 4This year marks the 8th birthday of the New Zealand Business Women’s Network. To celebrate, over 70 members joined us for a Summer Party in Brixton on Tuesday 13th June. The theme of the evening was celebrating innovation in the New Zealand beverage industry.

Leading the way with innovation here in London is Volcano Coffee Works, who very kindly hosted us on the night in their fabulous roastery. Volcano have just launched their new Volcano at Home product range, the UK’s first bio-based 100% compostable, Nespresso-compatible coffee pods. A huge supporter of the network since the beginning, Emma Loisel and her team put on a night to remember.

Our Stories: Rosemary Coldstream

Written by Linda Rose.

Rosemary Coldstream BW gimpRosemary Coldstream’s husband thought her timing was seriously off. She had decided to make a change from a long career in fashion to landscape design at a time when the TV programme ‘Ground Force’ had brought garden design into popular consciousness and new landscape designers were popping up all over. Lovingly he told her, “You’ll never make it.”

Presumably he has since eaten his words as Rosemary has gone on to design award-winning gardens, including a delightful trade stand for the Chelsea Flower Show which featured a Morris Minor set in a lush 1950s picnic scene, as well as receiving a prestigious Society of Garden Designers’ award (‘the BAFTAs of garden design awards’). When not developing high end garden plans for a range of clients, Rosemary also writes and lectures on garden design.

Our Stories: Rae Parsons

Written by Eleanor McIntosh.

Rae Parsons finalIn an industry characterised by glitzy premiers and celebrities, film financier Rae Parsons has had her fair share of brushes with fame having met Matt Damon, shaken hands with Jude Law, and waved at Gwyneth Paltrow on the red carpet, and wistfully recalls two of the latest biggest blockbusters as “the ones that got away”.

A Hawkes’ Bay girl, Rae had no specific career aspirations at school but was strongly encouraged by her mother and step-father to pursue nursing upon completing high school. Gifted academically and with a strong work ethic, Rae quickly rose through the ranks to Charge Nurse at Hastings Memorial Hospital. However, after 10 years she felt that it was time to change direction particularly as she didn’t want to pursue further roles in management.

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