About Us

Click Here to Join Free!Formed in the midst of the 'Economic Crisis' in London, Bronwen Horton realised the power of the Women’s Network and founded the New Zealand Business Women’s Network.

From the first event in 2009 the Network has evolved and our group consists of women in all levels of the corporate and creative worlds and a very large number who run their own businesses. The Network has grown quickly (over 1400 members)  and there is now a team who plan and organise events. We aim to provide a strong network of experts who are willing to cross-pollinate, inspire and forge strategies for the benefit of all involved. 

Working together to encourage and help each other in many and varied business roles, we utilise our strengths and draw on our unity as strong New Zealand women to develop businesses with the power of the kiwi spirit. 

We would like to think we are more than a group of women looking to network but more so to bond, learn and help each other in meaningful and lasting ways.

Our meetings are hosted throughout London at various Kiwi related locations from restaurants to art galleries. Occasionally we showcase business products from our members and provide opportunities for members to introduce their business to the network. We focus on networking and the power of having a strong group of women who understand the unique challenges of succeeding in a foreign business world.

The Network has connections to some of the most successful businesswomen both here in London and abroad and are keen to foster relationships and form strong bonds between the group and London business as a whole.

There is currently no membership fee, simply book a spot at one of our events and you will be automatically on our email list.

If you share our passion for business and wish to join our network please email info@nzwomen.co.uk.
If you have attended previous events and are interested in joining the planning team please email bronwen@nzwomen.co.uk

About our events

No two events are the same but all include a mix of learning, inspiration and connecting with new people and catching up with past contacts. Check out what's on now.