Start-up Club: A Q&A with host Claire Kavanagh

Written by Bronwyn Huband.

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Hi Claire! Can you please tell us when the Coffee and Start Up Inspo club began, and what the idea behind it was? 

The idea for the club came about at the beginning of 2020, when I thought there would be people like me, self-employed and working on their own, who were lacking those water cooler or coffee interactions because they were now at home by themselves. 

Who dials into the online club sessions each week? 

Typically we would have around five women join in each week, from a range of businesses that range in maturity. They’re from all different industries; we have coaches and people who design products, ecommerce companies, people working in media.. All sorts! 

What is your favourite thing about the club each week?

The way that the club is structured is that after introductions, we go round-robin and celebrate success whether this is a ‘champagne moment’ or smaller wins that may sometimes be overlooked. The thing that I really enjoy is seeing everybody’s progression and seeing people recognise in themselves the achievements they’ve made over time. 

What do the weekly meetups offer to our NZBWN members? 

It’s a place that they can go to feel an instant connection, to learn and to both get and give support. As one of our attendees says, ‘It helps you get there faster than if you were trying to do it on your own’. 

Short and sweet, the Coffee and Start Up Inspo club takes place each Friday from 1-1:30pm. You can find out how to join, here