Job advice: making the move back to NZ

Written by Bronwyn Huband.

With New Zealanders now freely able to move home we’ve seen an increasing interest in those planning to make the move back from the UK either this year or longer term.Home NZBWN 330

Along with our NZ community last month we hosted a webinar on returning home, which included everything from finding jobs, to pension transfers, opening bank accounts, transferring money and buying a home. It’s something we’ll definitely be running again in the near future

In the meantime we’ll be sharing bite size pieces from those who can help you, including Home Recruitment, who specialise in helping Kiwis coming home to find roles, mostly focused on corporate support – so anything spanning HR, Recruitment, Marketing / Brand / Comms, Account Management and Sales, Projects or Office Support. And they also partner with a tech agency – where there is currently a good demand for experienced hires.

We spoke to Minta Holton, Manager at Home Recruitment, who shared her top tips when it comes to thinking about making the move home.

  • Have some good reflecting time! It’s not just about jobs but where to live, moving back to NZ, socially and mentally – are you ready?

If so; depending on what your biggest concern might be you can:

  • Join social media groups – which offer advice on visa’s for partners, immigration, moving companies etc.
  • Speak with recruiters in your industry – HOME Recruitment can help here!
  • Update your your LinkedIn, reach out to your networks and putting some feelers out there with contacts in NZ.
  • Review your CV to make sure it’s New Zealand job market ready.

We often find that NZ businesses want all-rounders, so most of the work HOME does is to help you translate your experience home, set realistic salary expectations (which aren’t as grim as you might think) and job titles appropriate for your level of experience. Keep your CV to two pages and try to have key projects or key achievements vs listing basic responsibilities.

  • Keep an eye on the New Zealand job market and consider where you want to live.

    The New Zealand job market is buoyant Good candidates are negotiating more than one opportunity – it’s important you approach your job search with an open mind, speak with someone in the know to help you have appropriate expectations (salary, job title, industry etc.) but expect the unexpected.
  • Regions are going to move slower than the larger cities – remote working is supported but often in a hybrid capacity (with the odd exception). 
  • Of course this also depends on the type of work you’re seeking! Speak with HOME to learn more / have a tailored chat regarding your experience.
  • Be mindful of salaries. With the exceptional of financial services / banking and perhaps legal, most industries are actually comparable or better paid in NZ.

But NZ is a lot more expensive due to being on the other side of the world – consider mortgage repayments / rent etc. but otherwise it does tend to work itself out! Groceries are more expensive in NZ, but buy seasonally and you’ll be fine – going out is a lot cheaper.

  • Consider what areas have skills shortages and how you could fit into those roles.
  • Technical skills are also in high demand – Developers, Engineers, Project Managers etc.
  • Client Services / Sales / Account Management – are all really strong at present
  • Anything digital is in hot demand. So anywhere you can show your digital experience make sure you do.
  • When looking at your package on offer be mindful some of the benefits may not be as attractive as in the UK.
  • However hybrid working of offered my most businesses with two or three days in the office the general ask.

  • The majority of businesses offer 20 days holiday a year, but some do 25, although there is 12 bank holidays (while the UK only has 8)
  • Some of the larger corporates have more attractive parental leave and health / insurance policies.

  • You’ve got to remember that any organisation has it’s “NZ lens” on – so work life balance is much better compared with London. Core working days are 8.30am / 9.00am – 5.00pm / 5.30pm and you don’t have a chance of speaking to anyone over the phone after 2.30pm on a Friday.

If you are thinking about heading home join Home Recruitment and their London angeny at our Monthly Meet Up on May 3 or get in touch with HOME, who will are happy to chat about your experience and how that relates back into NZ. Don’t forget to mention NZBWN.