Our Stories: Elizabeth Sullivan

Written by Katherine MacGregor. Posted in Our Stories.

The Love MentorElizabeth Sullivan has a unique job. She is a love mentor and uses a combination of therapies to help people find love.

Elizabeth first moved to the UK in 1999. Prior to that, she studied accounting at university and qualified as a chartered accountant. This kept her in a great living for years but more and more she was becoming interested in how the human mind works so started doing part time courses in coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming. She eventually became a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist (and still lectures hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis) and now does what she loves: helping people feel happy within themselves so they can (if they wish to) find the right partner to grow old with. 


Elizabeth claims she can help 70-80% of single people and can also speed up the process of moving on from someone. It doesn't need to take years, for some of her clients it has just been a few sessions. She has programs ranging from 6 months to 6 weeks, many see immediate benefits.

The majority of her clients are successful, attractive, driven, fun and interesting career women who simply haven’t made the time to fall in love. She said that you wouldn't look at them and think that they’re single. What she finds is that a lot of it comes down to what’s going on inside, they sometimes have barriers that need to be overcome or patterns of dating the wrong people. She helps them be clear about what will make them happy in a relationship, feel more confident when they are dating and also gives tips on how to attract the men they like.

She says not to put off love – if you make time for it then it will fit into your busy life. Her advice is to “Have fun and enjoy life then you’ll attract the right people. Enjoy yourself, be in the environment where you’re having fun and think about what will make you happy long term.”

Elizabeth uses a combination of therapies to help people find love. Packages start at £500 for a six-week course, however there is a range of options and it is best to contact her if you’d like to hear more. http://www.lovementor.com/

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