Claire Kavanagh - Membership & Engagement

Written by NZBWN. Posted in Our Board.

Joined the board: May 2020ClaireKav

Role: Membership & Engagement Director

Length of time with the network: 3 years

Claire’s career has been defined by her passion to get involved and relish the new. Encouraging businesses to switch from dialup to broadband for Telecom New Zealand was her first big project in marketing nearly 20 years ago. This gave Claire a taste for the transformative power of cutting edge technology – in a geek chic way – and a passion for exploring the art of the possible with projects and people. She’s focused on future-facing opportunities ever since.

Her career naturally lead her to London where she has enjoyed launching start-ups like giffgaff – the 100% online mobile company – and the socially-minded mobile company TPO in the UK and US with Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales.

With her own business as a customer experience consultant, her role is often to help her clients reinvent the journey their customers go on with a brand. She’s helped Spurs launch a new football stadium, and Newsflare understand their members who’s user generated content reaches millions.

Claire’s latest project pulls together all her learnings to help support women who're considering setting up a service business themselves through providing practical advice and support via an online course.

Claire’s had her fair share of helpful and supportive contacts along the way. As the network’s Membership Development Director she’s looking forward to giving back all she can to our community.

A Londoner for 15 years, though Claire’s rarely in the country for long. Her well-worn passport shows that while you can take the girl out of Wellington, like all of our members you’ll never take the Kiwi out of her.