Kiwi Hacks: Making the most out of Christmas in London

Written by Julia Holmes.

freestocks org Qf9JKLysUg unsplashWhile Christmas can be a time when we feel the distance from family and friends in NZ, it is also one of the best times to be in this magnificent city. Read on to discover some of the many ways you can make the most of a London Christmas.

  • Volunteering - Christmas can be a very challenging time for those less fortunate in this city; the good news is there are many ways in which you can help. The Londonist has rounded up just some of the ways you can give your time and make a difference this Christmas to those in need.

  • Christmas markets - there really is nothing like rugging up and heading out to sip steaming mulled wine amid the excitement of a fairground or Christmas market and London is teeming with them. Check out Secret London’s guide to the top 15 for a market near you.

Women on Boards Event - 11 Nov. 2019

Written by Emma Keeling.

womenboardspanel websafeIntroduced as the ‘serial smasher of ceilings’, Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas DBE has served on more boards than there were canapés at the Women On Boards event this week.  That might be a slight exaggeration but Dame Judith was serious when she told the audience she’d had “spectacular failures, I mean spectacular” doing things she should never have done.  

That kind of honesty might not be what you’d expect from the panel at an event to encourage women to take their place on the newly announced NZBWN’s Executive Board.  But this was a panel of highly successful experienced Kiwis so it was always going to be informative and to the point.

Board Roles - Adding Value

Written by Jenni Wiggle.

Jenni Wiggle pic v1Want to give something back? Add social value and progress your career? 

Why not think about joining a charity board.

Two years ago I had settled into a senior role, and was thinking about the ‘what next’. While starting to research options, an invitation to join the board of Raheli Trust came via my CEO. 

Raheli Trust was set up in 2008, with the aim of providing financial support to access education for disadvantaged Tanzanian youth, in particular girls. I have a background in education including some global experience, and I’m passionate about gender equity, so the invitation felt like a good fit. From the first meeting I knew I had something to offer, but that I was also going to learn a great deal from the passionate women who had founded the trust.

Our Stories: Melissa Roberts

Written by Bronwyn Huband.

As Kiwis we have a certain ridiculousness about us – you just have to look at some of what we report on in the news. What other country running a Penguin of the Year Competition would make international news?Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts reckons it’s something we need to make the most of, especially in the UK office environment. “It’s nice to accept that we are a little odd, but it’s about making it work to your advantage. People find it quite endearing.”

As well as being able to keep her colleagues in the television and advertising production industry amused, Melissa is also one of our invaluable volunteers working on the events side. She helped pull together our amazing birthday event earlier this year, and believes events and production are fairly similar – “it’s often just herding cats.”

And it sounds as though she’s always been good at that. Growing up back home in Auckland, she spent her free time writing scripts for her younger sister to (often begrudgingly) perform while she recorded them on the family’s old VHS camera.