Our Stories: Adele McLay

Written by NZBWN.

Adele McLayAdele guides business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary and sustainable business growth and success. She has been a Business Growth and Peak Performance Consultant/Mentor for over 20 years and is a Chartered Accountant by qualification too – don’t hold that against her! Now a Personal Branding Strategist, Adele can help you (the person) to stand head and shoulders above your competitors in your market and she has recently finished writing a book on personal branding that will be published in the next month or so.

Adele works with visionary, adventurous, persistent and courageous business owners and entrepreneurs (start-ups, scale-ups and established medium sized businesses), people who want success in their businesses or lives and are prepared to do the work to achieve their vision.

In addition to the numerous credentials above, Adele is also an experienced Keynote, Business and Motivational Speaker, Business Owner/Entrepreneur and Investor too.

Adele is married to David and has a 14 year old daughter, Gemma and 29 year old stepson Alex. Her interests and hobbies include: fitness including weights and interval training, baking, making chocolates, cooking, the arts, travel, games, dancing reading, ongoing learning and much more…

All this sounds exciting, and it is - Adele is very passionate about her work and life. She has also had her fair share of business and life challenges too, which she shares – good and bad – in her coaching, keynote and motivational speeches to inspire people to achieve their business vision and to live life to the full. You can see Adele speak in person about personal branding at our LinkedIn photo event on 17 July. More information to follow soon!

Adele would be thrilled if you connected with her on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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