Themes for Mentor Groups

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At the launch event of the mentoring programme in November 2014 we asked attendees what they would like to be mentored on. Here is the full response:

Influencing / Self Promotion

  • How to promote yourself at work – communication, influencing
  • How to promote yourself (even if it feels uncomfortable)
  • How to influence senior leaders / senior managers
  • Managing your manager

Leadership / People Management

  • People management x4
  • Leadership (direction and empowerment of team)
  • Empowering new leaders to positively impact their new teams
  • Leading people in an inspiring way

Career Change / Career Progression 

  • Advice & guidance for growth in my current role in a large organisation – lack of role models. And possibly the move to a new role
  • Transition from working in a large public organisation to independent working
  • Lateral moves to new industries – where can I take my skills? (ie what are the options). How do I move across industries?
  • Exploring horizontal options in terms of career progression
  • Change your career path by exploring ideas with others how to go about doing this and what direction might be good for you
  • How to manage career change utilising existing skill sets to better meet personal ambitions
  • Mentoring for a career change
  • Identifying soft skills and values to be able to move toward a career niche


  • Career management
  • Working in a man’s world
  • Career advice
  • Break through the ceiling

Start ups

  • Taking my idea and shipping it – project to business x2
  • We have our “product” – we need info/guidance/expertise on setting up our business professionally ie legal, marketing, accounting, tax, web/media presence
  • How to turn an academic idea into a business

Small Business / Own Business 

  • Staying focused on the important stuff as a small business owner – staying inspired, reducing distractions, challenging yourself
  • My business is growing and I need mentoring to assist in learning to manage staff and peers

Scaling Business 

  • Scaling business up
  • Caring business growth – organic, kind, respectful and successful!
  • How to grow a small business to a medium size business (successful medium size business)

Travel / Moving

  • Securing roles abroad, sponsorship, securing new connections etc
  • Making the move back to NZ


  • Just becoming a first time director and how to grow into it
  • Advice on setting up or joining boards and associations

Personal development 

  • Personal focus (next steps)
  • How to focus and say no
  • Want to be mentored through creating the life that I want – avoiding the trap of going back / being “guilted back”
  • Identifying your skills so you know where to move to at a young(er) age


  • Change management
  • Time management
  • How to identify your personal development opportunities within a voluntary role
  • Public speaking
  • Creative speaking
  • Patient advocacy
  • Awareness education
  • Blending professional life and family


Full details of upcoming themes and past themes can be found on the main mentoring page.
If you have a topic or theme that you would like to be included in the Mentoring Programme then please contact the Mentor Programme Team