Our Stories: Katie Sadleir

Written by Ruth Keeling. Posted in Our Stories.


“It’s just so hot!” Attempting to avoid a summer heatwave on her drive up to Birmingham, Katie Sadleir is bubbling with excitement. Just days before the opening of the Games, Katie, the CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation, is busy reviewing Covid practices for late entry arrivals and preparatory workshops for para athletes, as well as overseeing the launch of the Commonwealth Pride House, and with the Commonwealth Sports Ministers’ conference. It is clear she is firmly invested in her organisation’s strapline ‘Sport is just the beginning’. 

“I mean, it's central and its core and it's our reason to be. But it's what happens as a result of those conversations in sport - the trade programmes, the huge legacy stuff… that whole series of significant stakeholder opportunities that wrap around making the most of the Games in terms of forging relationships beyond this period”, she says. For Katie, the true buzz of the Commonwealth multi-sport environment lies in what this “multicultural hothouse… does to actually grow people”. 

Our Stories: Aislynn Rogers

Written by Alice Peacock. Posted in Our Stories.


One of the first things Aislynn Rogers remembers striking her about London was the amount of culture she was hit with, just walking down the street. Having moved over from Auckland in the summer of 2019 after a stint of travel, Aislynn, 33, was living in Brixton while she was looking for a job. She recalls sunny days spent wandering around the borough, taking in the music, the accents and the murals.

“I remember being a bit too nervous to go on the tube to explore because it was just, at that point, a bit too much for me. So I would walk a lot; all around Brixton and around Clapham,” she says. “There was so much to experience that you don’t come across in New Zealand.”

Following high school, Aislynn launched herself into a conjoint degree in property and commerce at The University of Auckland. It was a slight variation on what her engineer dad had encouraged her to get into; urban design. Looking back, Aislynn says he must have had an inkling, as she would go on to end up in the property and construction space.

Our Stories: Sacha Holt

Written by Renee Tonkin. Posted in Our Stories.

SachaHoltArriving in London just as the global pandemic hit might seem like a nightmare to some, but to fire engineer Sacha Holt, it was just all part of the challenge! With a job already lined up at the UK’s leading independent fire engineering consultancy, OFR, Sacha was well prepared for her move to the UK.

Growing up in the rural town of Masterton, Sacha was ambitious to travel; she wanted a career in which she would gain skills that were needed all over the world. She decided to study Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Canterbury and while at university, immersed herself in extracurricular activities. This included taking on the role of President of the University of Canterbury Women in Engineering club.

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