Our Stories: Rosemary Coldstream

Written by Ruth Keeling. Posted in Our Stories.


Rosemary Coldstream’s flowering English garden is heavy with summer rain, so it feels strange to be sitting in it discussing heat-resistant and drought-tolerant garden design.  “Landscape gardening will change radically in the next 15-20 years, because of climate change”, she says. While her clients typically desire a traditional English mixed garden, with trees, shrubs, perennials and grass lawn, Rosemary is certain that the favoured pittosporum and hebes - and even birch and oak - in the UK will have to give way to a Mediterranean or South American plant palate. “With any garden, you've got to tailor it to the site,” she says.

Our Stories: Kim Palmer

Written by Ruth Keeling. Posted in Our Stories.

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Kim Palmer never actually set out to establish a global business. The inspiration for her award-winning health app, Clementine, grew out of her personal experience dealing with panic attacks during pregnancy and after childbirth. Her own mental health journey motivated her to develop the Clementine portfolio of hypnotherapy tools to help other women “in the trenches”. As interest exploded during the pandemic, this Kiwi FemTech innovator rapidly scaled her small UK business with impact investor funding, and is now taking the company she founded in 2017 into new international markets.

Our Stories: Monique Cooper

Written by Renee Tonkin. Posted in Our Stories.

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At the age of 16, Monique Cooper donned her uniform for the first time as a volunteer firefighter – a move that kickstarted her interest in mechanics and eventually, a flourishing engineering career. Now, Monique is a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, building on her early enthusiasm for employing cutting-edge technologies and processes to help people.

Born in Papakura and raised in Clevedon on the outskirts of Tāmaki Makaurau, Monique’s passion for engineering was sparked by her father – an electrical engineer. Monique used to attend Girls’ Brigade - a Christian youth organisation that focused on personal development and community service - while her father volunteered with the Boys’ Brigade.