Review: Book Club Brunch - When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Written by Bronwyn Huband.

Author: Daniel H. Pink

Reviewer: Libby Gordon

The secrets to perfect timing; a big claim! And as a time-poor London dweller this book appealed to me as I, along with the rest of book club, was keen to understand Daniel When Image 2H Pinks theory on how timing might enable us to make the most of the hours in our day through his book “When”. As with all our books some people loved it more than others but the book itself was easy to read and gave the right mix of stories to illustrate points and practical takeaways. What did we each find interesting? Did we learn? And most importantly what changes had we, or did we want to make, as a result of reading this. 


One idea that stood out to all of us unanimously, as we all sat around the table with coffee (or tea) in hand, was the idea of Nappachino. (Well we all thought that naps, whenever, were a good idea!) Nappachino: Drink coffee (or other caffeinated drink), nap for no more than thirty minutes, wake up, caffeine kicks in as your brain is refreshed from your nap, you are ready to take on the world. We were not sure how, however, we could integrate this into day to day working life but working from home days did allow for this!


International Women’s Day: Women inspiring women

Written by Sophie Silver.

With a fantastic panel, MC and audience of bubbling Kiwi women it was no surprise our IWD event at New Zealand House was filled with laughter, friendship and inspiration.

Organised by the New Zealand Business Womens Network and KEA, it was wonderful to have Bronwen Horton (founder NZBWN) and Laura Young (KEA NZ Advisor) to welcome us all at this year’s event.IWD main

Victoria Macdonald from Channel 4 was our incredible MC who guided the discussion throughout the night as we navigated the theme #Eachforequal, the trending sign suggested as a possible alternative to handshakes in this current climate. Our panelists: Rachel Carrell, Alison Wallace, Emma Rigby, Rebecca Smith and Lizzie Gurr discussed some of the many topics of this year’s IWD and ended the night by responding to some great audience questions.

One of the first discussions of the night was around the power of the Kiwi ‘number eight wire’ mentality, defined as a cliche but as a true cliche. It is something inherent to our upbringing; to see a problem and our gut reaction being to fix it.

A Guide to NZ Businesses in London

Written by Bronwen Horton.

Map illustration v01This map of predominately food and coffee related Kiwi businesses was created for our 10th birthday celebrations on 10 June 2019 as a thank you to our wonderful supporters and to help spread the word on how to find them. 
Please feel free to download it for free and go out and support them with typical Kiwi gusto. Please don't forget to mention you heard about them through NZBWN and leave them a positive review too!
 Download Our Free Map

Kiwi Hacks: Managing yourself and others

Written by Julia Holmes.

amy hirschi JaoVGh5aJ3E unsplashIn this month’s Kiwi Hacks we have the final article in our guest series by the Network’s own Jude Sclater, an expert in leadership and team development. Be sure to check out Jude’s first two articles in which Jude advises on how to get promoted at work and managing work/life balance. This month Jude explores the critical skill of managing yourself and others.

Jude Sclater's top tips on managing yourself and others

Unsurprisingly, if you're going to get that desired promotion and achieve a good work/life balance you also have to be good at managing yourself and others. The key to this is in understanding how the brain works, recognising that all brains are different and therefore knowing what works for you won't work in the same way for someone else.

What's the Goss?