Business Book Club: Learned Optimism

Written by Libby Gordon.

41ZOiQum9QL. SX323 BO1204203200 Sitting in a slightly darkened basement room of an old building in London, I was part of one of the liveliest discussions I have ever been in about Optimism. 

The basement is part of Ozone Coffee in Old Street, London. A great New Zealand business where the food and coffee were both top notch. Add into that 15 Kiwi ladies, who get together once every two months as part of the NZBWN, discussing Martin Seligman’s bestseller Learned Optimism and sure enough, there was a lot to be said (and consumed) in our two hour get together.

Martin, often known as the father of Positive Psychology first published this book in 1990, followed up by many others on the same topic. In addition, he has done a very popular TED talk and has toured the world speaking on this topic. Many of us were lucky enough to hear him speak when he was in London; some around the table were self-proclaimed Martin ‘groupies’!

NZBWN events: An evening with Maggie Eyre

Written by Bronwen Horton.

CJ1A0097The thought of speaking in public inspires fear in almost everyone. But one New Zealand woman has made it her mission to transform people’s lives as relates to getting up and speaking in front of an audience. On Monday 12th September, Maggie Eyre returned to London for the launch of the third edition of her book ‘Speak Easy, The Essential Guide to Speaking in Public’. Over 100 NZBWN members and friends attended the Hospital Club for the opportunity to hear Maggie speak and to have her sign a copy of her book. 

Our Stories: Mary Fenwick

Written by NZBWN.

mary fenwickMary Fenwick has used her background as a journalist to build high-level international relationships. She changes not only individual lives through her writing, coaching and educational fundraising, but her support for women as political leaders is contributing to change in countries in transition to democracy.

Mary’s job titles include business coach, public speaker, journalist, fundraiser, and mother of four children aged 21, 20, 18, and 16 years. This year, an engineering student from New Zealand will have a study placement at McLaren Automotive in the UK as the first step in a $10 million fundraising project, invented by Mary. In her work as Executive Director of the UK Friends of the University of Auckland, Mary has initiated and built a relationship with the global McLaren business. The ultimate aim is to create a permanent legacy to Bruce McLaren, who has unjustly faded from prominence in New Zealand.

Our Stories: Katherine Corich

Written by Sophie Bevin.

KatherineCorichKatherine Corich is a business leader, entrepreneur, mentor, adviser and academic, whose success and influence spans across business, the public sector and charities. Katherine is the founder and chairwoman of the Sysdoc Group, a consulting practitioner business founded in 1986 in New Zealand which today has operations in four regions and has consultant reach in over 72 countries. 

Katherine’s impact and legacy extends far beyond her success with Sysdoc. She continuously acts as a catalyst for change and development across many industries and organisations across the world. In 2015 she was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce at Saïd Business School in Oxford, where she teaches strategic business courses. 

Katherine’s talent is sought by multi-national organisations across various industries.

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