Business Book Club Brunch: Grit

Written by Kirsty Fiddes.

IMG 0336bGrit, not the small loose particles of stone or sand but the courage and resolve or strength of character.

The book by Angela Duckworth seeks to uncover that outstanding achievement that is not just talent but a focused persistence or ‘Grit’.

It involves passion and long-term perseverance and resilience to be successful.

Angela devised a Grit Scale that has shown time and time again in different forums a more accurate indicator of someone’s stick ability than previous tests have shown.

Our Stories: Sharon Young

Written by Eleanor McIntosh.

Sharon Young headshot with nameSharon Young wryly recalls her first experience of football - “I was dragged along as my brothers played and I hated it to start with”. However, this initial reluctance soon developed into a love of the sport, and by high school and college she was playing for clubs in Takapuna and Birkenhead. Although, she had the opportunity to play at a regional level, Sharon has always enjoyed the social aspect of the game and played for a North London club and for 5-aside teams for a number of years.

Originally born in Braintree in Essex, Sharon emigrated to NZ when she was five and a half, after a five week seaward journey. Growing up on the North Shore in Auckland with her four brothers, Sharon embraced the kiwi lifestyle and was the first of her family to lose her British accent. She also spent a lot of her time at the beach, which inspired her to swim at a competitive level for Northcote College.

Our Stories: Caroline Williams

Written by Eleanor McIntosh.

Caroline Williams headshot with nameAs the great Coco Chanel once said “fashion changes, style endures”, and it is this sense of presence which Caroline Williams seeks to develop in others through her styling business, De Vallenger Design.

Growing up in Orakei in Auckland, Caroline spent her days at Snell’s Beach at her family’s bach. Drawn to the ocean she enjoyed boating, water skiing and windsurfing, as well as being a bit of a “sun worshipper”. However, she always knew she wanted to work in fashion, and recalls her parent’s recollections of her at a young age making button necklaces as well as complementing her outfits with the perfect handbag or accessory.

Given her early forays into fashion, Caroline then went on to study Fashion Design at AUT, whilst simultaneously obtaining her Interior Design qualification at night school from Nanette Cameron School of Interior Design.

Our Stories: Melanie Brown

Written by Zoe Stapleton.

Mel Brown finalJust one of the many impressive feats that us Kiwis can be proud of is the exceptional quality and range of our wines, so we were thrilled when The New Zealand Cellar launched in 2014 and opened up the New Zealand wine market to the UK.

The driving force behind The New Zealand Cellar is Melanie Brown. Starting out as a chef at Peter Gordon’s restaurant The Providores, Melanie’s focus swiftly moved from food to wine after she took note of the diverse range of wine on offer at the restaurant. With her passion taking over, Melanie eventually moved into a front of house role that allowed her to manage and coordinate all wine-related activities.

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