Our Stories: Dale Murray

Written by Susan Pratchett. Posted in Our Stories.

Dale MurrayChatting with Dale Murray, CBE reminds me of that quote about “Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day – the difference is how you use it”. I have a sneaking suspicion that Dale might just fit more into a single hour, than I do my 24.

As a phenomenally successful tech entrepreneur, awarded ‘Angel’ investor, active champion of women in business, one of Debrett’s 500 Most Influential AND a married mother of three young boys – it’s an inspiring, if somewhat intimidating CV. But Dale herself is the very opposite of intimidating. Frank, charming, disarming and funny – she’s everything you’d hope for in a Kiwi success story.

A born and bred Aucklander, Dale was part of the management team that founded BellSouth NZ (for anyone who can’t remember BellSouth and the glorydays of the Nokia 6110... it was one of the two original mobile networks in New Zealand, and has subsequently turned into Vodafone NZ). But the travel bug bit – and Dale found herself setting out on her OE. She was drawn to London and the UK, and like so many of us, once she arrived, she found it hard to leave.

Our Stories: Molly Beddingfield

Written by Eleanor McIntosh. Posted in Our Stories.

Molly BedingfieldA social entrepreneur to her core, change and transformation for Molly Bedingfield are as natural as living and breathing. Born and raised in Raglan, the daughter of two pharmacists, Molly felt her parents’ connection to their local community early on, and how no matter one’s “platform” in life this can be used to make a difference and empower others to be an agent for change.

This belief came to underpin Molly’s daily life and at 21 she moved to London to undertake international charity work with various organisations. After 25 years working in the sector, and as a business coach and counsellor, she established Global Angels in 2005, a charity which seeks to enable families and villages in some of the poorest and most destitute regions in the world to adopt long term sustainable solutions to resource and transform their communities.

Our Stories: Tanya Maher

Written by Holly Algie. Posted in Our Stories.

Tanya MaherTanya Maher credits her parents with discovering the secret to the ultimate healthy lifestyle was a raw food diet but, since embracing a fully raw lifestyle six years ago, she has established herself as one of the most influential figures in her field. Introducing Tanya, founder of ultimate wellness company Better Raw, a renowned raw food nutritionist and holistic coach who has featured in the likes of Vogue and Women’s Health, co-founder of high end raw food café chain Tanya’s, a recently published author, and a pioneer of the clean eating movement in the UK.

Russian born but raised in New Zealand, it was a near fatal car accident that Tanya was involved in as a teenager that ultimately led to what she refers to as her “calling in life”. Tanya suffered a broken back and extensive damage to her internal organs and was told by doctors that her organs could never fully recover. Although Tanya’s parents were given the option to cut out her pancreas, they decided not to operate unless it was absolutely necessary. In their search for alternative healing methods and because Tanya was unable to process solid foods, they began to juice vegetables and fruits. Tanya kept her pancreas and surprised doctors by how quickly her body recovered.