Our Stories: Anna Petchell

Written by NZBWN.


Not one to sit still for long, Anna Petchell has a CV of adventure to envy. From TV to the high seas and protecting our planet, Anna is an inspirational Kiwi.

Hailing from a farm in Kiwitahi in the Waikato, Anna studied communications and went on to work as a Camera Operator and Floor Manager on shows like Police Ten 7 and TV3 news. Leaving New Zealand nine years ago, she moved to London after being made redundant and had planned to work for the BBC, but chose to travel instead.

Leaving home for a life of travel, and then at sea on super yachts, Anna has clocked up more clocked up more than 60 countries, 10,000 nautical miles, learned six languages (basic), and made countless friends around the world.

That has seen her “live” all over the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the East Coast of USA, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and in the Auckland Viaduct. “Home is wherever the boat ends up – which was sometimes the middle of the Atlantic.”

Review - 168 Hours - Business Book Brunch

Written by Shayna Manchanda.

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168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think
By Laura Vanderkam

Review by Shayna Manchanda

Vanderkam’s main argument is right there in the title: if you feel like you don't have enough time for everything, then chances are you're not making the best use of your time.

She argues that we misuse the majority of our time during the week, through excuses, sacrifices or misplaced priorities. It’s not just the time we waste doing unimportant stuff; it’s that we spend time being productive towards ends that are not very high on our real personal priority list and values. Consequently, we find ourselves not having time for the activities that are genuinely important to us, leaving us feeling stressed and unfulfilled.

This book is more about figuring out how to focus on things that matter most to you and align with your values rather than a traditional time management book. Vanderkam uses the 168 hours figure (i.e total number of hours in 7 days) because our natural rhythm and schedules are often made up of weeks more than individual days. 168 hours seems like a lot more to play with and is a bit more flexible than a single day.

The best part of the book was Vanderkam's argument that we will be more successful and happier if we are mindful of how we spend our time and focus on those activities that align to our 'core competencies'. She recommends that we begin by assuming that all 168 hours of your week are free. Then start to fill in activities according to their true priority for you.


Our Stories: Rebekah Heineke

Written by NZBWN.

Becks profile

Like many of us Rebekah Heineke didn’t plan on moving to London.

Five years on she’s still here and a few career moves later she’s set up her own business to build a community focused on fun, fitness and body positivity.

Like many of our network members she has an infectious energy and that real can-do positive attitude that so many Kiwis have.

Growing up in Auckland she dreamt of being a teacher and she naturally flowed into nannying, first in New Zealand, and took her experience to Monaco in the South of France.

London was the last place she imagined moving – all she’d heard was it was grey, rained a lot and was overpopulated. She says: “It was only when I moved to France that I visited a friend in London and fell head over heels in love with the city! It wasn't like any place I'd ever been to before.”


Written by NZBWN Mentor Programme Team.

The NZBWN mentoring programme enables network members to get started on their own individual journeys to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and realise their aspirations as well as helping support others on their journeys.

Applications are now closed for the current round

You can see the two amazing programmes we are currently running and brilliant mentors leading the groups below.  If you are interested in participating in a future mentoring group or being a mentor for a group, please completed the expression of interest form.  We use the information gathered in the expression of interest form to help develop the programme to what you are most interested in doing.  We also use this to contact you when applications are opening so that you can be first to apply.  

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Career Progression

The career progression group is a mentoring programme for women 7+ years into their career that are looking to make a major step in their career.  

Over 6 sessions you will work with your mentor and 5 other women to help you get clarity on where you are in your career and your career strategy going forward.  Each week will focus on a different topic.  Topics covered will be driven by the group but may cover performance management, personal branding, leadership and networking.

Your mentor: Jan Kirkpatrick

A founder member of the NZBWN, Jan is a career coach, following a career spanning recruitment, consulting and IT, having worked at Diageo, BP and EY and set up and run her recruitment business for ten + years. Having completed an advanced diploma and accredited in cognitive behavioural coaching, currently studying positive psychology, Jan coaches people and organisations where performance, sustainable and successful careers are on the agenda. She coaches for career development and role transition, performance improvement, stress management, health and wellbeing @Kirkpatrickconsulting.co.uk



 The Road to Empowered Public Speaking

If you've ever feared presenting or speaking to a large group or even a close group of colleagues or peers, here’s your opportunity to sharpen up your public speaking toolkit and gain the knowledge to become a comfortable and confident speaker.

Ideal for those who are entering a new career or social roles requiring strong public speaking abilities, or for those who are required to regularly present to colleagues and peers.

Your mentor: Jude Sclater 

Jude Sclater is an executive coach with a mission to help individuals and teams change the conversations they're having.  We all have unconscious thoughts that influence the way we interact – or react – in certain situations. In bringing an impartial ear, a healthy dose of challenge, and the energy needed to build momentum, coaching empowers people to overcome what’s keeping them stuck and gets them closer to their potential.  

Her own career journey has taught her that anything is possible. She went from studying psychology and information systems at Victoria University, to teaching English in Brazil, to being an auditor and project manager before heading back to university to do a Masters in Organisational Behaviour at Birkbeck. After 8 years as team and leadership development specialist at Deloitte she now runs her own consultancy, Think with Jude.


We have asked our previous mentees what they want to tell others about the mentoring programme, here’s just some of what they are saying….

“Do it, do it, do it!!! It gives a great way to learn and to support each other.” 

“That it was the group that supported me to finally get the promotion I was looking for

it was great and extremely valuable”

“It is a great idea if you are stuck and unsure of your next move. It helps you think about your career in a new way”

“It was a really good opportunity to set aside time to think about my development and what I'm looking to achieve in my job/life.“

“They are very worthwhile, I will definitely do more”

“This is the best thing you can do for your personal development and your confidence this year.”

“A wonderful opportunity to learn and grow collectively with like minded women about a hugely important topic for both your professional and personal development.”

“Don't hesitate!”

“You won't regret it.”


Expression of interest

If you have any ideas for future programmes, are interested in participating in a future mentoring group or interested in being a mentor for a group, please complete the expression of interest form.  We use the information gathered in the expression of interest to help develop the programme to what you are most interested in doing.  We also use this to contact you when applications are opening so that you can be first to apply.  

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Any queries, please contact the NZBWN mentoring team mentoring@nzwomen.co.uk.

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